Sunbeam, Fog, and Forest

In wandering mountains, forests, and caves, I can’t help but take pictures. Some of them I’m more proud of, and some less, and some are learning opportunities (just like the rest of life, I suppose). But since I have less time to write than I’d like, and I always have photos, I’ve decided to share my favorite from the past month.


I happened upon this spot in late morning, just off the trail on my way back from a hike over Beech Mountain in Acadia National Park. The spruce forest created a deep shade, but the granite cliff with its associated small talus pile demanded a few small gaps in the canopy. Meanwhile, a capricious fog hugged the south side of the island, held back from further incursion by park’s coastal peaks, and the morning sun had climbed high enough to pass the banks farther out to sea.

I reached this place at the same time as the fog and the sun, but quite a bit behind the spruce and the granite.

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